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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 30, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the rest to the location because of frantic phone calls from their wives. >> she started screaming, saying that they are shooting. >> baltimore county police are investigating an apparent murder/suicide. >> i was shocked. i heard the gunshots. i could not believe. it is crazy. there was nothing you could do. >> one man came into the business, went up and shot another man inside the business and then came out and shot himself to read the first man, the victim not one-shot, the shooter was taken to bayview where he died. >> it is a family-owned business that was in operation since
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1950, offering -- offering services in advertising. they have not released the names of the two people killed. this woman described what she saw. >> i came out of the bathroom. he was laying on his side. it was real smokey. i saw multiple bullet wounds. >> we have a picture of the victim. police released the name of the victim and we are told that it is the owner, wayne character if he were shot multiple times according to baltimore county police. the shooter is believed to be taken to bayview medical center where he died. we will have much more tonight at 6:00 p.m.. >> two more men are charged in
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the deadly shooting of a liquor store owner. police say the death was the result of a botched robbery. the suspects could be responsible for 15 other robberies in the surrounding area. police believe the murder was the only robbery that resulted in violence. >> a member of a religious cult has withdrawn his guilty plea and bowl stand trial. he is one of four people accused of murder. he had a breed -- had agreed to plead guilty but withdrew when that plea after a dispute over the conditions of his release. >> parents and kids are
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preparing for trick or treating. local law enforcement is preparing to keep your kids safe from child sex offenders. we're joined live with more on the story. >> the maryland division has taken the lead role of protecting children from child sex offenders on halloween, and we found out that this program has been a huge success over the years. it is arguably one of the most fun days of the year for children, halloween. for the past four years, maryland's division of parole and probation has made sure that it stays that way. baxter mcgee, the director of parole and probation says their partnership with police departments has kept incidents
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to an extreme amount. >> we do not see any spy in rust or new crimes during halloween. -- spikes in arrest or new grant during the halloween. >> child sex offenders must post signs and turn out their lights. >> we have asked these offenders to put no kendeigh signs on their doors and turn their lights off and disengage from the halloween festivities. >> offenders received letters like this one. as far as parents, they can add an extra layer of protection by following these rules from the national safety council. all children under 12 should be supervised. talk to your older children about what route they will take and make sure that children know never to enter a stranger's home and write down your child's
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name, address and phone number and pin that inside of their costume. if your kid gets an unreels is -- an uneasy feeling, have them walk away. if they had a cell phone, tell them to call 911 immediately. >> health officials say that h1n1 swine flu has caused the death of at least 19 more children nationally. but as the largest increase since the pandemic started. officials have confirmed of the state's 13th death. >> in emergency rooms across the country, frightening stories about the spreading a virus. victoria susa appeared to be
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recovering from the swine flu but took a turn for the worst and was dead within 90 minutes. 19 h1n1 deaths were reported last week alone, making it the deadliest week for kids since the outbreak started. >parents are desperate to find vaccines. >> my daughter has been out here with me for many hours. >> many doses have been shipped, but not the number officials hope for. >> we'd never know when the delivery is coming, how much it will contain and whether it is the injectable or the nasal spray. >> in charlotte, n.c., some got their doses. >> we are looking for those that
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are in high risk. we reduced the chance that we will expose them to the virus. >> with every state showing widespread flu activity, chances of the unvaccinated getting sick seem to be growing. the outbreak spread is two local be -- to new record levels. >> for more information, log onto our website, there is a special section under hot topics. >> it seems like it has been awhile since we saw the sun shine a couple of days ago, but it seems we have been under this cloud cover forever. not only are these clouds hanging around, but a couple of layers of clouds hanging over us. maybe a little clearing tomorrow. it to our west, it is a lot
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warmer. we are running around 60, here. it gets almost hot and the ohio valley. how much of that want will reach us? will it bring the showers and storms over the ohio valley? we will check out the forecast in a few minutes. >> a deal has been approved between consolation aerophagia. one condition would put money in the pockets of customers. we have the details. >> here is some information most people should welcome. each customer would get a one time, $100 credit on their electric bill, but this long awaited decision does not mean this is a done deal. >> what is your reaction to the conditional approval and what is the next up for you? >> as we walked into this great
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event, your order was handed to me. we caught up with the consolation c.e.o. and stimulus money will be going to the deployment elector meters. it's 54 page ruling approved the venture with following conditions. each customer will get a one time, $100 credit on their bill. constellation much it might -- must invest in cash. no dividends could be given to constellation. the administration pushed for more measures to further insulate bge.
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it also requires bge to decrease rate increases. >> a written statement said in part, "by ordering certain conditions, they addressed the core issue that the state has pushed in this matter from the start, to protect bge ratepayers." >> while the government approves, some did not. legislation is planned to regulate electric rates. >> up next, those at risk for type 2 diabetes could lower their chances for developing the disease. >> online banking is growing in
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popularity, but there are a lot of advantages but are they out weighing the possible risks. >> president obama sat down today for another session on what to do about afghanistan. there was the stunning footage released that shows how tough the situation has become for u.s. troops. >> the ghost of a nine year-old girl is said to stand at this window and smile at passers-by. we will take you on a spooky to
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>> to the pentagon allowed the release of a video to show how more capable troops are becoming in afghanistan. president obama held a session closing in on his decision on how many more u.s. troops to send to the war. >> of this time, president obama sat down with his top military man. the joint chiefs of staff, heads of the army, navy, air force and marines. the process is almost over. >> i think it is nearing its conclusion. >> the generals want 40,000 more forces. a senior democrat says that mr. roh, should send them. >> i hope he would listen to
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those in charge. >> in fact, the president is in charge. he is seeing if the afghans can do more. the afghan president stands for reelection amid charges of fraud and corruption. the fight in afghanistan is getting tougher. the pentagon allowed the release of disturbing footage, the aftermath of an attack that killed seven u.s. soldiers. the buried bomb was so big that it blew the bottom of a stryker up through the roof. one of the dead was from washington state. when the private's remains were returned, the commander in chief was on hand. he will release on how he feels about the human cost of the war. >> the president will soar through the facts that he is hearing from advisers to decide
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how many more troops to stand. -- to send. >> in tonight's medical alert, the food and drug could ministration is morning proctor and gamble -- is warning proctor and gamble to put vitamin c in its products. the company has marketed products by saying that by the rnc does not cure the common cold, but it can block the symptoms. -- saying that vitamin c does not cure the common cold, but it can block the symptoms. researchers across the country collaborated in a long-term study of over 3000 overweight or obese adults with high blood sugar. some were told to make lifestyle changes like increasing exercise
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and cutting calories. another group was not given a drug. those that made the lifestyle changes lowered their chances by 35% over 10 years and those that took the medication lower their risk by 18%. 10 years ago, a man was told he had only three-six months to live and was given a vaccine in dallas. when decade later, he is still alive and cancer free and apparently cured. >> i had melanoma and up to brain tumors and i had my lymph nodes. >> doctors told him he would be dead within six months. >> they categorize me as stage for. there is no stage 5. >> his wife was not ready to give up and she found out about
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an experimental cancer vaccine being researched and dallas. >> baylor was the place that was doing something cutting edge and i had told brian early on that we would go where no one has gone before. i did not realize that that meant he would be the very first patient, but he was. >> he was the first recipient of a vaccine that fights cancer all over the body. >> we have been blessed. 11 years later, to have him here, and no one gave him a chance to live. >> we have not been able to put in enough patients in the trial because we have not been able to raise enough money to do the very last trial. >> they are working on ait. >> the best medicine in the world does not arrive on your doorstep. you have to go find it.
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>> that vaccine is still being studied at baylor and the same technique that saved his life is being applied to the study of other diseases as well. >> holloway can be a ghoulish night for parents want to keep their kids healthy, but dietitians have suggestions to keep the fund in the holidays. apple's dip in caramel sauce, sarah led a -- celery sticks within a butter and chocolate covered pretzels are more healthy. while i do not promise this will make you the most popular person in the neighborhood, you might consider giving out raisins, pretzels or granola bars. >> you might just as well handout broccoli. one day of the year. have some fun. there are a couple of clouds in
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the area. overcast conditions continue across the mid-atlantic. the overall picture is cloudy and we're seeing some sprinkles to our north. it has been cloudy and dry and you can see this line of showers stretching from the eye- to 70 corridor into pennsylvania. -- i-270 corridor into pennsylvania. it will try to pull in more cooler air. temperatures are only in the 50's to around 60 east of the mountains. a little bit of this warm air is trying to work its way through and it could trigger a light shower in the next couple of hours. other than that, the overnight
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lows will stay in the 50's. the coastal areas have been pumping in the moist air and that produces the overcast conditions. that storm that dumped snow and the colmar rockies is blocking its way east. there are still severe thunderstorms on the mississippi is lush alabama border. -- a mississippi/alabama border. other models to slow this thing down and develop another storm. this will be the key to our weekend, how fast that front can move through. it is nearly 80 degrees in southwestern florida. as the western front gets closer, so will some of that warmer air. especially if the clouds break in the afternoon.
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if we see any sign at all, with temperatures to get into the '70s. by evening, as kids are heading out, there will be a light chance of a shower or a sprinkel. we have a chance for shower during the raven's game on sunday afternoon. if the small holes, the most significant rain will come after the game and into early monday morning. there are a lot of question marks in the weekend, but overall, it is a active weekend. 68-73 tomorrow, it depends on how quick the cloud cover will fan out. you might have to dodge a raindrop or two in the evening hours. the weather service has posted a small craft advisory. there will be warm halloween day with a chance of a sprinkle in
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the evening. shower chances increase as we work our way into sunday and highs of around 60. do not forget to send -- to turn your clocks back one hour. it should clear out on monday. it will be a little more school next week. >> still ahead, a water drinking contest the went terribly wrong and now the british station must pay up. >> a symbol of hope and peace for the world, the olympic flame is making its way across the country for the upcoming olympic games. >> a painting that leads from the eyes, a toast of the little girl that's miles a passer-by -- at passers-by. coming up, we are getting spooky in westminster. >> it is called did a day, get a disney day. of that story is coming up.
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>> with halloween a day away, who does not like a big scare. >> if you are looking for coast forests that are real, westminster has some critical places to visit. >> there were some ladies evening here one day and when the picture fell off the wall behind them. >> >> we have about five or.
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>> paintings that bleed. >> when you get down there, you can see the blood flowing across the hand. >> the house has many stories. >> he tavern is not a museum and shop. linda r. ghost tours to the library and it is said that the hunting started in the 1800's. >> there was a skirmish in front of the tavern and a young soldier was killed and a lot of people believe this his ghost that occupies the building. >> during renovations, a worker was said to have a ghostly encountered when trying to enter a room. >> something was pushing him from behind and not letting him in. he would push am what ever would push back to keep him out.
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>> there are many others scary stories. the ghost of a 9-year-old girl is said to stand at a window and smile at passers-by. >> perhaps the most haunted spot is the old jail. it is said that the ghost of a young boy concert the gallows. >> they told us stories of not being able to get into or out of a bathroom, posters flying. a coffee cup -- a coffee cup weren't flying once. >> if you're still looking for something to do on halloween, you can log onto our website,, or we have a list of activities from all around the area. >> still to come, severe storms hit parts of the south, spawning
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tornadoes and leaving many places flooded. up next, a look at the damage. >> a man on trial for murder, the on issues important to seniors, senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable
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and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes. now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more. >> several communities across the southern united states are picking up the pieces after tornadoes and severe thunderstorms over night. thousands are dealing with down the trees and power lines while floating post emergency rescue teams into action. storms ripped through arkansas, tearing off roofs and knocking down trees. >> you could hear trees falling. >> along with the wind can a
5:31 pm
driving rain. >> of the water was rushing. it came so fast. >> too fast for amanda stewart. but she was trapped inside her suv. >> i dialed 911. >> of the dramatic rescue played out live for news crews. >> it was up to my neck. >> and emergency teams got to the vehicle justin thyme. >> the firefighters ran out and knocked the window out. i don't know what happened. i do not know how i got out of there. >> she and her son were pulled to safety. >> a moist air mass had a whole line of thunderstorms set up and gave toronto rains and it resulted in flooding. >> it started in louisiana with a string of tornadoes.
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>> it sounded like a plane was coming near us and i saw a funnel cloud in the distance. >> just minutes later, the impact tore away the steeple from the church and tossed it on his car with the driver still inside. >> pulled from the wreckage, his injuries were not considered life-threatening. >> it was miraculous that the man was not killed. >> many survivors count their blessings. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. baltimore county police say that a man walked into an advertising company and shot and killed a man and took his own life. it happened at about 12:30 p.m. this afternoon investigators believe this was some type of domestic incident. the owner was killed and the gunman was taken to bayview medical center where he was pronounced dead. >> please note these images will
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help lead them to the two men that committed a robbery. investigators say that the two men entered the business and they got away with an undisclosed amount of money. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. president obama is lifting the united states travel ban for those who are hiv-positive. it completes a process that began during the bush a administration. the u.s. has been one of a dozen countries step would bar travelers based on their hiv status. medical care, medication and support services are given to about half a million people. >> their goal is to inspire 1 million people to spend at least a day in the -- volunteering in
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the community. volunteers are rewarded. >> it is called "give a day of volunteering and get a day at a disney theme park." it was quite a show this afternoon. a percussion group from disney entertain the folks. it is all part of disney's promotion next year. the want to get people to volunteer. >> if you give a day of service in 2010, you can get a 3 day of theme park admission to a disney park.
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entire year. >> if you would like more in formation on the promotion, you can log onto our website, >> modern technology is turning up in a new place. the auto maker that is bringing satellite tv to your car. >> a helicopter at an aircraft collided in mid-air. we will cover the nation.
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>> and energy bill that could put $100 in a pocket. it details at 6:00 p.m.. >> if you're looking for some of the best cash sabres, how about 10410? 10410?
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>> covering the nation tonight, officials are trying to find out why a helicopter collided with their plan. the airplane was searching for a boater and the helicopter was flying in a military formation. all passengers and crew are still missing. although the search continues, the < accident probably killed all on board. but a 65 year -- a 65-year-old is charged with killing his son. his attorney says he was unable to execute a murderer that may have required running upstairs and then running up more stairs.
5:40 pm
>> the shooter has to shoot, get up for stairs, hold the gun very carefully and shoot. he fired six shots and missed once. that is pretty good shooting. >> the prosecution says that the suspect meant drove to his mother's. police say he bought a book on how to buy a gun silencer and how to commit the perfect murder. >> the family of a 28-year-old woman that died after participating in a water drinking contest when she died of acute water intoxication. she had participated in a challenge to see who could treat the most water without going to the bathroom. the jury found the company liable. at the station fired 10 employees at about woman's
5:41 pm
death. >> still ahead, we will have the latest on the countdown of the start of the winter olympics. they have left the bank teller line for online. how many consumers are banking only on computer. >> we have the high school football game of the week and why they are excited about the indians. >> doppler is indicating sprinkles west of the mountains that might play a role in our weekend. right
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>> it is a big night ahead for high school football. pete gilbert is live with tonight's extra points report. >> an overwhelming favorite, franklin is taking on park bill and franklin is making it 6-2 against 4-4. >> the whole community and student body will be out here in large numbers trying to support what we're doing out here. it has been a pleasurable season. >> the last time that the
5:45 pm
indians made a deep run into the playoffs, the running back is not a sophomore for the dukes. is this similar to what we saw in 2006? >> it is a similar cast of characters on the team. there is something special about this team. there are no egos. they're trying to accomplish a goal. >> if you get to second place, you get to host a game. we like to look ahead. the talk to the kids? >> we focus on one week at a time. we like to play at home and have that opportunity. >> it is something that he has been preaching all week. the one-zero each week and
5:46 pm
you'll be fine. -- doe one-zero each week and you'll be fine. >> overcast skies but we are pretty much dried. doppler is picking up a line of sprinkles pushing up across parts of central maryland. again, a fairly minimal line of showers, but more is on the way. the showers will pop up as warmer air tries to move through. this front will slowly move through our region and will probably take all weekend to get past us and off the coast. the almanac shows temperatures running below normal again. 62 would be normal but it is 58.
5:47 pm
temperatures have not changed much at all. nothing in the rain gauge today. at it is one to our west. it is 70 in petersburg, 70 at elkins, 63 in cumberland. we will see temperatures holding steady with a light south- southeast wind. tomorrow, some warmer air will try to move men. this has been pumping in that cool, east wind. you can expect a more southerly breeze tomorrow. if we see the clouds thinning, it is possible that temperatures again to the '70s. on the west side, there is some cold air and some snow.
5:48 pm
is 78 in cincinnati. it is 72 in detroit. but will try to move east along with a mixed bag of clubs. it does not look like a lot of rain right now, but a passing light shower or sprinkle tomorrow evening and then the second part of the storm comes in on sunday. the ravens game, while it does not look like a washout, there could be some light showers moving through. the more substantial rain lenders into monday morning before that weather system moved off the coast on monday. a small craft advisory arm blake. the forecast is unseasonably mild with a 30 percent chance of a light shower, but the chances go up to 70% on sunday.
5:49 pm
turn the clocks back one hour. cooler temperatures to the middle of next week. >> breaking news in the 11 news from. a police officer is allegedly shot. >> we're keeping the video very wide because it is near alva road and heidi. this is south of taylor avenue. we do not know what brought police to this location. we do understand that one county officer has been shaba we do not know if it is life-threatening. we believe that the officer returned fire. they're trying to court and down the area and asking anyone who lives in the area to stay inside your house and to police give the all clear. they're trying to make sure they get this thing locked down.
5:50 pm
reporting live, i am captain roy taylor. >> >> in tonight's consumer alert, americans would rather do their banking on-line than it does a traditional bank. there is " lot of the vantage to on-line banking but a lot of risk as well. >> >> sitting at the kitchen table, filling out a check register, but is the old way. if you emails and de few mouse clicks is the new way. now, it is the most popular way. for the first time ever, u.s. bank account holders would rather visit a web site then a bank branch. >> there are a lot of good vintages to on-line banking. it is fast and quick it is great for budgeting and record keeping.
5:51 pm
it is good for the environment. >> online banking has surpassed regular banks. just recently, a florida man was indicted for spilling 130 million credit card numbers and there wasn't in this flood of computer viruses. consumers continue to flock online. >> the service is much quicker. it is not as long as it takes to move to the head of a line. >> nothing is foolproof. if you want to bank online, carefully guard your password and never typed it in an e-mail and watch your account for any signs of fraud. you only have 60 days to report missing money, after that you can i get it back. >> for nbc news, i'm bob sullivan. >> chrysler wants you to take your life tv shows with you.
5:52 pm
a service will offer 20 channels including msn b.c. and, is central. the cost of six under $29 plus an installation fee and one-year subscription is included. >> for more consumer tips, you can log onto our website at and click on consumer. 11 news meteorologist tony pan got a scare this morning. you can see him getting attacked by a giant spider by clicking on entertainment. also, you can submit your photos conceal list of activities in the baltimore area. >> the olympic flame has arrived in canada.
5:53 pm
the flame are arrived on board a plane after being handed over to authorities in greece the torch will be carried across canada before arriving in bam coover -- in vancouver. >> still ahead, chaos in a baltimore county business. >> and man walks in, shoots an employee and then himself. that is coming up new at 6:00 p.m.. >> how much would like to know what you will pay for dinner before you buy it? i will have some great cost savers, coming up. " we will also have that breaking news and baltimore county. county.
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>> what is most important to you when shopping for groceries. these days, most will tell you that cost and convenience called a list. -- topped the list. >> our quest began in hunt valley were the precooked new option takes care of cost and convenience. >> it is a meal solution for those who want to come home and it is a perfect portion and it is a certain number of calories and you know of the calorie intake and what it will cost. >> just $5, and you have cost -- solved the dilemma. >> most of our recipes take 20-
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30 minutes of preparation and. time is of the essence. >> we have all seen those family size packages of meat that you have to break down and store into portions for later. >> who has time for it? if we give it to you this way, what would you want it any other way? but the larger quantity, a lower price and the service can individually wrapped. no more massi hands are cross contamination. >> the customer's best cost saver is found all over the store. 10 items for $10. >> we have spinach in here that this cannot 10 -- 10 for $10. >> if you or someone who cannot cope another thing for friday, they have meals for just $5. the grocery shopping has gone high-tech.
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>> they will be able to stand any products they buy and then put it in their bags and then they actually check out at the register at they are done. >> it would be the best price in the store and even an overview of where the bargains are. >> can you eat healthy on a budget? >> dr these are very the traditional. >> a pilot program helps customers make healthy and inexpensive choices. there are free class is at the store. >> some other tips from the grocery stores, by local fruits and vegetables when possible. not only are they better and better for you, they are but bless expensive because they are not ship from around the world. -- but less expensive because they aren't not ship from around the world -- shipped from round
5:59 pm
world. >> here is what is coming of new at 6:00 p.m.. but a murder-suicide is under investigation in baltimore county. >> howard county reaches out to children in their community with an h1n1 clinic. >> , a stamp of approval for the consolation energy deal. >> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. in hd. >> we begin with breaking news out of fulton county. a police officer has been shot. >> it appears that the officer that was shot was removed from his police car and placed inside the medical unit. we still do not know the scenario or how serious the in it -- the injury